• Chikalin

    Version 3.5.0 has been implemented. Download APK

    Updates include:

    • New Items:
      • "Quest Key" added. An item needed to enter "Key Quests".
    • Updates:
      • Added "Key Quests" to the event book in the Others menu.
      • You can now reorganize units in the same party.
      • Added "Mission Group" in the Missions menu, this summarizes missions by event/quest.
      • Fixed performance when scratching a full board.
    • Bug fixes

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  • Chikalin

    Version 3.4.0 has been implemented. Download APK
    Updates include:

    • New Items:
      • Rebirth System has been implemented.
      • Floor Bonus has been implemented.
      • Unit Points have been implemented.
      • Point shop added to Shop menu.
      • Consumption items have been implemented.
      • Items added to Quest menu.
    • Updates:
      • Penetrating ATK has been adjusted.
      • UI renovations.
      • Nofitication number is now displayed in the home menu.
    • Bug fixes

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  • Chikalin

    Ver.3.0.0 Update Information

    December 10, 2015 by Chikalin

    Version 3.0.0 has been implemented. Download APK
    There is a currently known error where the game won't start. Please wait patiently until this problem is resolved.

    Updates include:

    • Link System has been implemented
    • Whole UI change
    • New Home screen
    • Skill trigger order has been changed
    • Full HP based Normal Skills triggering time has been changed
    • Max Rank extended from 500 to 600
    • New missions rewarded when reaching ranks 100, 200, and 300
      • Party Slot + 1
    • All VIP Casinos can be accessed from Monday to Saturday (JST) except Colorful. On Sunday (JST) all can be accesssed including Colorful
    • The selected position of the Quest areas in now remembered
    • A status bar is now displayed
    • Bug fixes

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  • Chikalin

    Ver.2.9.0 Update Information

    September 17, 2015 by Chikalin

    Version 2.9.0 has been implemented. Download APK

    Updates include:

    • If you haven't received your daily log-in bonus you will be notified through push notification at 8:00 JST and 22:00 JST.
    • Divine Gate minimum system requirement has been changed to Android 4.0/iOS 7.0 or higher.
    • Data migration has been renovated.
    • Chain battles no longer occur in Novice and Int quest dungeons. Due to this change the Expert and higher dungeons now have chain battles listed under the Quest Limit.
    • Admission limit "Rank" has been added to quest dungeons. With the exception of the evolution temples all Legend dungeons are limited to players of Rank 66 or more.
    • Rank up missions have been extended to 200.
      • To those who have are past Rank 155: in order to trigger the mission …
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  • Chikalin

    Version 2.8.0 has been implemented. Download APK

    Updates include:

    • New options in the quest selection screen, "Quest Limit", and "Boss Properties".
    • New evolution area quest added.
    • When using a chip to restore stamina it will "overflow".
      • Stamina overflow retains the stamina left over. For example if you have 10/20 and a chip is used you'll receive 20 stamina for a total of 30/20.
    • 25 and 52 chips price changed from ¥1,700 to ¥2,000, and ¥3,400 to ¥3,800.
    • Beginner Boost's 1/2 Stamina extended to rank 60.
    • Changed "special" to "guerrilla" in the quest catalog.
    • Messages are displayed in the log-in calendar.
    • Small bug fixes.

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