The Unit Point shop was added in Ver.3.4.0. From the Shop menu under the Points tab you can acquire bonuses and units. Unit Points are acquired by selling units.

General Information

  • When selling units, along with coins you will earn Unit Points. Different units are worth different amounts of Unit Points. See Unit Value.
  • The maximum number of unit points you may hold is 999,999,999.
  • Like using Chips, the Stamina Drink items will cause stamina overflow.

Shop List

Item/Unit Unit Points Effect
Limit Over[1] Guerrillas (incld. Collabs)/Descends/Weekly/Events/7★ Heroes 5,000 Increases L.OVER by one.
Regular RS/Rainbow Collab Units 25,000
Limited RS/6★ Collab RS Units 75,000
6★ Limited Units 500,000
Sta14-icon 1/4 Stamina Drink 1,500 Restores 1/4 of total stamina.
Sta12-icon 1/2 Stamina Drink 3,000 Restores 1/2 of total stamina.
Sta-icon Full Stamina Drink 5,000 Restores all total stamina.
Exp-icon Experience Boost 2x 5,000 2x EXP upon completing a quest for 30 minutes.
Coin2x-icon Coin Boost 2x 1,000 2x coins upon completing a quest for 30 minutes.
Friend2x-icon Friendship Boost 2x 1,000 2x Friendship points for 30 minutes.
Link2x-icon Link Boost 2x 1,000 2x Link Boost for 30 minutes.
Ticket2x-icon Ticket Boost 2x 1,000 2x Tickets for 30 minutes.
Avoid-icon Chain Battle Evasion 1,000 Chain battles do not occur for 30 minutes.
1116-icon1117-icon1118-icon1119-icon1120-icon1121-icon  Kaiser Eggs 5,000
1767-icon1769-icon1771-icon1773-icon1775-icon1777-icon1779-icon Linkers 12,000
900-icon901-icon902-icon903-icon904-icon905-icon  Baetyls 12,000
1005-icon  Rainbow Baetyl 20,000
  • Note: Linkers and Baetyls rotate.

Using Consumption Items

Under the Quest page select the Items (アイテム) tab to see the your current consumption items and time remaining for those in use. If a consumption item is in use you must wait for it to expire before using another of the same effect. For example, you can not stack two 2x Coin boosts.

Unit Value

Unit Points Given Examples
6★ Limited Units 50,000 1313-icon1821-icon
6★ Collab Units/5★ Limited RS Units 15,000 1010-icon650-icon1397-icon1810-icon
5★ Rainbow Collab/Regular RS Units 5,000 271-icon883-icon1898-icon1271-icon
4★ Gold Collab Units 3,000 1386-icon1047-icon
3★ RS units 1,500 356-icon781-icon795-icon784-icon
Descends/Descend Collab Bosses/Guerrillas Units 10 436-icon333-icon2002-icon1013-icon524-icon
Weekly/Event Units/7★ Heroes/Collab Bosses 5 640-icon897-icon2024-icon382-icon1080-icon875-icon
Everything else 1 051-icon098-icon1755-icon1005-icon187-icon

  1. Was temporarily unavailable due to bugs.
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