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The Rebirth System was added in Ver.3.4.0. Through Rebirth you can strengthen units by feeding them units from the same line of evolution or by using the Limit Over option under the Unit Points shop.

How to Rebirth

  • Feed a double or an unit from the same line of evolution to the unit you want to make rebirth:
  • Once it is done, its level of Limit Over (in-game the L.OVER level) will increase by one.

The number of times you do this varies per units:

Units L.OVER Max
6★ Limited Units and 6★ Mission Units 15
7★ Limited Units and 3★ Trons 20
6★ RS Units 30
7★ RS Units 35
6★ Dungeon and Guerrilla Bosses 45
7★ Dungeon and Guerrilla Bosses, 5★ Resist Dragons,

5★ Fairy Maidens and 4★ Executioners

7★ Heroes

(Akane, Aoto, Midori, Hikari, Yukari, Ginji)



  • Units used must be from the same line of evolution. For example, you may use 001-iconAkane in order to rebirth 894-iconFlame Gauntlet-Wielding Criminal, Akane. But, you can not use 1939-icon[Divine Academy] Hikari or 1418-iconHikari: Summer to rebirth 897-icon Light Fairy Queen, Hikari despite them all being the same character.
  • Some units can not undergo Rebirth (ie. evolution material).
  • You do not need any special unit or additional coins in order to break through the limit.
  • If the unit evolves the max limit reached is carried over.
  • If the unit fed and the Base unit have the same Active Skill, the Base unit can get a Skill Level Up. You make an unit rebirth and increase its Skill Level at the same time.
  • Rebirth can be done regardless of user rank or unit level.

Stats Enhancements

As Base Unit

Making an unit rebirth will increase its stats. The amount of stats varies per unit:


*7 Fatima Before/After a Limit Over


*7 Ywain Before/After a Limit Over

The usual amount for all units at max L.OVER is around ~300HP and ~100ATK, but series like the Heroes from friend scratch, the Trons, the Resist Dragons, the Fairy Maidens and the Executioners can gain higher stats than other units.

As Link Unit

Increasing the L.OVER level will also increase an unit's bonus cost: this cost will only affect the amount of stats it will give as a Link unit (since the higher the Link unit's cost is, the higher the stats it gives to the Base unit will be). It has no effect anywhere else.

Example Stat Enhancements

HPx1.6/ATKx1.3 (☆7 Heroes) [+/-]
Example Unit Initial MAX Stats MAX L.OVER Stats
894-icon HP: 2371
ATK: 2208
HP: 3793
ATK: 2870
895-icon HP: 3089
ATK: 1599
HP: 4942
ATK: 2078
896-icon HP: 2482
ATK: 2158
HP: 3971
ATK: 2805
897-icon HP: 2785
ATK: 1687
HP: 4456
ATK: 2193
898-icon HP: 2576
ATK: 1899
HP: 4121
ATK: 2468
899-icon HP: 2515
ATK: 2161
HP: 4024
ATK: 2809
HPx1.1/ATKx1.05 (☆7 Scratch Units) [+/-]
Example Unit Initial MAX Stats MAX L.OVER Stats
1115-icon HP: 3676
ATK: 2620
HP: 4043
ATK: 2751
1012-icon HP: 3950
ATK: 2333
HP: 4345
ATK: 2449
1200-icon HP: 3800
ATK: 2400
HP: 4180
ATK: 2520
1122-icon HP: 3075
ATK: 3223
HP: 3382
ATK: 3384
1339-icon HP: 3922
ATK: 2320
HP: 4314
ATK: 2436
1123-icon HP: 4022
ATK: 2280
HP: 4424
ATK: 2394
1201-icon HP: 3650
ATK: 2650
HP: 4015
ATK: 2782
1268-icon HP: 3402
ATK: 2889
HP: 3742
ATK: 3033
1272-icon HP: 3180
ATK: 3034
HP: 3498
ATK: 3185
1378-icon HP: 3344
ATK: 2892
HP: 3678
ATK: 3036
1424-icon HP: 3346
ATK: 2800
HP: 3680
ATK: 3024


Increasing an unit's L.OVER level will also increase its CHARM: the maximum amount of Charm depends per unit. The higher the team's Charm is, the higher the chance of getting bonus items per floor at the end of a quest will be.

These bonus items can be Coins, Tickets or Units (even units that can't drop in the quest cleared):


An Aqua S Egg dropping as a floor bonus from the dungeon Water Disaster Management Office Adélie

MAX Charm by Unit

MAX Charm Units (At Final Evo & MAX L.OVER)
100 Heroes, Guerrilla Bosses, Temple Gods, ★5-6 Scratch Units, ★5 Collab Scratch Units, Boss Holiday Units, Weekly Series Units, Descends, ★6 Collab Bosses
60 Fairy Maidens, ★4 Collab Scratch Units, ★5 Collab Bosses
50 Executioners, Color Change Beasts, Fourth Gen Machines, Flower FairiesBarrett Demons, Musical Dragons, ★4 Colla Bosses
40 Cats, Trons, Pok-gurus, Collab Mob Units
30 Helium Demons
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