Priming Cave Triton (遊水洞トリトーン)
Occurrences [+/-]
1st Occurrence 2015/6/25 19:00 ~ 2015/07/02 18:59
Preamble [+/-]
あなた様に、ずっとお会いしとうございました。そんな言葉と共に、水咎刀士の前に現れた少女マリナ。わたくしは、水先案内人です。あなた様のお力になってみせます。 "I have always, wanted to meet you." Together with those words, young girl Marina appeared before Water Katana-Wielding Criminal. "I will be the one, to lead you. I will show you, I can be of your power."
Story [+/-]
立入禁止区域を抜けた先に、遊水洞は存在していた。涼しげな風、穏やかな日差し、生い茂る緑、そこはまるで、秘密基地のようだった。ここを、2人だけの内緒の場所にしよう。そんな約束をしたのは、金髪碧眼の幼き兄弟。水は2人を祝福していた。 Beyond the restricted area, Priming Cave existed. Cool breeze, genial sunshine, green lush, it was as if, it is a secret base there. "Let's make this a secret place only for the two of us." The ones that made that kind of promise was, youngbrothers of blonde hair and blue eyes. Water had blessed the both of them. 

Playing in the Water: Legend (水に遊ばれて:神級)

Stamina Floor EXP Rewarded Coins Tickets
50 2 2650 1000 0
Square Unit Attack Turn(s) HP Defense Drop
1,2,3,4 074-icon Fire Cat 3832 2 12551 501 073-icon Lv?
1,2 076-icon Water Cat 4558 1 8052 504 075-icon Lv?
1,2,3 078-icon Wind Cat 6568 2 5955 510 077-icon Lv?
1,2,3,4,5 080-icon Light Cat 6677 2 5498 492 079-icon Lv?
1,2 082-icon Dark Cat 6824 2 5713 503 081-icon Lv?
1,2,3,4,5,6 084-icon None Cat 6466 2 5580 528 083-icon Lv?
1,5,6 121-icon ConCon 6312 2 81440 2230 121-icon Lv?
1,3,4 123-icon Awooo 6417 1 54248 2270 123-icon Lv?
1,3,4,5,6 125-icon Oink 8267 2 42336 2335 125-icon Lv?
3,5 127-icon Grrrr 9062 2 30636 2192 127-icon Lv?
2,3,4,5,6 129-icon Caw Caw 9603 2 31403 2291 129-icon Lv?
2,3,5 131-icon Hiss 8085 2 36478 2214 131-icon Lv?
3,4,5,6,! 122-icon Nine-Tailed Fox 7833 2 133016 4310 121-icon Lv?
2,3,4,5,6,! 124-icon Hati 7863 1 101658 4319 123-icon Lv?
5,6,! 126-icon Behemoth 10347 2 83897 4219 125-icon Lv?
2,4,6,! 128-icon Kerberos 14922 2 77502 4128 127-icon Lv?
4,6,! 130-icon Yatagarasu 11615 2 79665 4071 129-icon Lv?
4,6,! 132-icon Basilisk 9827 2 83473 4222 131-icon Lv?
5 031-icon Hrotti 19102 2 70374 5616 030-icon Lv?
2,4,! 164-icon Water Moffle 8877 1 165277 402 164-icon Lv?
! 192-icon King Aqua Egg 525 1 25 30000 192-icon Lv?
Boss 1322-icon Marina 22363 1 125000 3000000 Empty-icon Lv?
  • 「お会いしとうございました」 ("I have meet you") — Active Skills are sealed for 8 turns.
  • Deals 35780 damage (160% of ATK)
  • 「湯加減いかがですか?」 ("How is the temperature of hot water?") — Deals 22363 Fire damage (100% of ATK)
  • Anchor (アンクル) — Deals 51434 damage (230% of ATK)
  • 「ひと休みさせていただきます」 ("Allow me to take a break") — Enemy heals 100% of HP.
15th Turn
  • 「もぉ、怒りましたわよっ」 ("Geez, I am angry now!") — Does nothing.
16th Turn
  • Anchor Rush (アンクル・ラッシュ) — Deals 100633 damage (450% of ATK)
Boss (Evo) 1323-icon Stream Beast Marina 30248 1 5650000 250000 1322-icon Lv?
  • 「ご遠慮はいりませんわ」 ("You do not need to hold back") — Deals 30248 damage and randomly changes all panels. Active skills are sealed for 8 turns.
  • 「守らせていただきます」 ("Allow me to protect myself") — Deals 48396 damage and for 10 turns damage the enemy receives is reduced by 99%.
  • Deals 48396 damage (160% of ATK)
  • Anchor Second (アンクル・セカンド) — Deals 69570 damage (230% of ATK)
  • 「お熱いのがお好きでしょう?」 ("Don't you like it hot?") — Deals 30248 Fire damage (100% of ATK)
  • 「ひと休みさせていただきます」 ("Allow me to take a break") — Enemy heals 1000 HP.
  • 「お清めさせていただきますわ」 ("Allow me to cleanse myself") — Eliminates all abnormal states.
  • Deals 48396 damage (160% of ATK)
  • Random Break (ランダムブレイク) — Deals 30248 damage and randomly changes all panels.
  • 「遠慮はいたしません」 ("I will not hold back") — Does nothing.
  • Anchor Second Rush (アンクル・セカンド:ラッシュ) — Deals 136116 damage (450% of ATK)
  • 「お清めさせていただきますわ」 ("Allow me to cleanse myself") — Eliminates all abnormal states.
  • Deals 48396 damage (160% of ATK)
  • 「遠慮はいたしません」 ("I will not hold back") — Does nothing.
  • Anchor Second Rush (アンクル・セカンド:ラッシュ) — Deals 136116 damage (450% of ATK)
  • 「脱ぎ捨てさせていただきますね」 ("Allow me to strip these off") — Eliminates all abnormal states. Enemy increases ATK power to 350%.
  • Perfect Blue (パーフェクトブルー) — Deals 30248 damage and randomly changes all panels. (105868 under the affect of "脱ぎ捨てさせていただきますね")
30th Turn
  • 「怒りたくは、なかったです」 ("I did not wanted, to get angry") — Eliminates all abnormal states and for 99 turns damage the enemy receives is reduced by 99%.
31st Turn
  • Anchor Aqua (アングル:アクア) — Deals 151240 damage (500% of ATK)
  • Anchor None (アングル:ノーン) — Deals 90744 Void damage (300% of ATK)
  • Anchor Flame (アングル:フレイム) — Deals 90744 Fire damage (300% of ATK)

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