Passive skills are skills that will activate at random times or during specific situations. They don't need panels to activate like normal skills nor do they need time before activating again like active skills. Units that possess a passive skill do not have a second normal skill.

-Note n°1 :A Passive Skill's effect will stack with another's even if they are identical, unless it is a Boost Enhancer or is specified otherwise (like Girl of the Summer).

Last Updated: July 30th 2016 (Last Unit Released: N°2101, 2101-icon)

Types of Passive Skills

A description of the types of Passive Skills currently in-game and listed at the end of this page.

Name Effect
Damage Counter
Returns a certain % of the damage received back to the enemy with a certain % of chances. Affected by enemy's element and defense, and by Leader Skills as well.
Trap Counter
Cancels the effects' of some or all traps. Check the Traps page to see what each Trap does.
Back Attack Cancel
Cancels all Back Attacks (no random enemy will be able to attack your team immediately without you having a turn first)
BOOST Enhancers
Increases the appearance rate of BOOST squares and the maximum number of BOOST that can appear per turn.(Note: BOOST Enhancers don't stack with each other, instead only the strongest one will be effective.)
Attack Increase
Increases the attack of the unit itself or of all the team if the skill's trigger conditions are met.
Defense Up & Down
Increases or decreases the damage you will receive against one or all types of enemies.
Panel Barriers
Panels Barriers will decrease the damage received by an enemy's attack if you have the necessary panel(s) on hand. It will then randomize the panel(s) used. Panel De-Barriers work the same way, but they are maluses and increase damage received.
Panel Frequency
Increases or decreases the appearance rate of one or more panels. (Note: The default rate for all panels except Heal is 14%, while Heal panels' rate is 16%.)
There are currently two types of healing passive skills:
  • Hands Heal: Heals a certain % of HP if you can deal enough Hands/attack enough times in one turn.
  • Battle Turn Heal: Heals each turn during a battle.
Hands Rate
Increases or decreases the rate bonus for each Hand dealt.
Turn Count
Increases or decreases the number of counts/seconds for each turn. (Note: The maximum number of additional counts allowed is 4, for a total of 9 counts per turn.)
Follow Up Attack
Deals additional damage to the enemy at the end of a turn. Affected by enemy's element and defense.
Panel Refresh
Randomly changes some or all panels.
If the trigger conditions are met, a single hit from an enemy that would have defeated you will instead leave you with 1 HP.

Passive Skills' List

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