Monastery Myrddin (聖導院ミルディン)
Occurrences [+/-]
1st Occurrence 2015/3/26 19:00 ~ 2015/04/02 18:59
2nd Occurence 2015/05/06 19:00 ~ 2015/05/08 18:59
Preamble [+/-]
大丈夫よ、私達の王は絶対に、死んでも死なないような男だから。聖王代理は、少し不安そうな青年の問いに優しく応えた。そうだったね、それなら僕は僕の出来ることを。心優しき青年は一人、とある場所へと向かったのだった。 "It will be fine, our King is a man who definitely, will not die even if he is dead." The Regent of the Holy King answered gently, to the question of the young man who was seemed little uneasy. "I guess you are right, then I have do what I can." The kind-hearted young man alone, headed to a certain place.
Story [+/-]
もし、辛いことがあったのなら、いつでも遊びに来て良いですからね。そんな場所があれば、何人が救われただろうか。だが、そんな場所に、行きたくても行けない人もいた。だから僕は、もう後悔はしたくないんです。心優しい青年は、自分の戦いへ。 "If, you ever meet with any hardships, you can always come here to play." If such a place existed, how many people would have been saved? However, there are also people who are unable to go there even if they wanted to. "This is why, I no longer want to regret." The kind-hearted young man, heads towards his own battle.

Holy Guidance: Legend (聖なる導き:神級)

Stamina Floor EXP Rewarded Coins Tickets
50 2 2650 1000 0
Square Unit Attack Turn(s) HP Defense Drop
1,2 053-icon Midorium 3370 1 6568 1606 053-icon Lv?
1,2,3 065-icon Wind-pok-guru 3135 1 7229 1317 065-icon Lv?
1,2,3,4 077-icon Wind Kitty 6087 2 7879 1082 077-icon Lv?
2,3,4,5,6 101-icon Wind Edge 9458 2 29313 1647 101-icon Lv?
5,6 125-icon Oink 8256 2 32308 1736 125-icon Lv?
5,6 209-icon Arrow-Arm 15032 3 49136 10771 209-icon Lv?
3,4,5,6 034-icon Mistil 12926 2 41212 2621 033-icon Lv?
1,2,3 066-icon Wind-pok-guru~n 6136 1 12888 1310 065-icon Lv?
1,2,3 078-icon Wind Cat 9074 2 16480 1098 077-icon Lv?
2,3,4,5,6 102-icon Wind Pier 13348 2 63102 1607 101-icon Lv?
5,6 126-icon Behemoth 18788 3 65329 1721 125-icon Lv?
4 090-icon Windtron: Zwei 23942 3 59031 21817 089-icon Lv?
5,6 210-icon Arrow-Arm: Second 30349 3 60262 10771 209-icon Lv?
1,2 054-icon Windrium 10938 1 43724 1636 053-icon Lv?
4,5,6 691-icon Wind Nyao 21545 2 59292 1081 078-icon Lv?
4 439-icon Windtron: Drei 28248 3 85976 21566 090-icon Lv?
3,4,5,6 035-icon Mistilteinn 19376 2 119053 10839 034-icon Lv?
! 036-icon Mistilteinn: Proto 26120 2 321930 4776 035-icon Lv?
! 336-icon Wind Pier, the Wind Executioner 30777 2 273278 3350 102-icon Lv?
! 446-icon Alraune, Maiden of the Forest 17957 1 220334 1749 114-icon Lv?
! 337-icon Light Blade, the Light Executioner 30777 2 273278 3350 104-icon Lv?
! 448-icon Succubus, Maiden of Evil 17957 1 220334 1749 118-icon Lv?
! 195-icon King Wind Egg 525 1 25 30000 195-icon Lv?
5,6 183-icon Wind Dragorumi 66666 6 10000 10000 183-icon Lv?
5,6 159-icon Wind Gecko 66666 6 10000 10000 159-icon Lv?
Boss 1202-icon Merlin 17700 1 4800000 3000000 Empty-icon Lv?
Preemptive 「あまり争いは好きじゃないんです」 ("I am too fond of fighting.") — Does nothing
  1. 「どうしてもと言うのなら」 ("If you insist")— Increases Damage taken up to 110% for 10 turns.
  2. 「この僕が相手をするよ」 ("I will be your opponent.") — Reduces Attack Power down to 90% for 10 turns.
  3. Random Break (ランダムブレイク) — Randomly changes every panel and deals 17770 Damage. (19470 under the effect of "「どうしてもと言うのなら」")
  4. 「はじめようか」 ("Shall we begin?") — Eliminates all abnormal states, enemy decreases its own defense for 99 turns.
  1. Deals 28320 damage.
  2. Deals 28320 damage.
  3. Guard Shift (ガードシフト) — Eliminates all abnormal states.
  4. Random Break (ランダムブレイク) — Randomly changes every panel and deals 17770 Damage.
  5. Assault Shift (アサルトシフト) — Deals 40710 (230% of ATK), and enemy decreases its own defense for 99 turns.
5th Turn
  1. Deals 28320 damage (160% of ATK)
  2. Deals 28320 damage (160% of ATK)
  3. Guard Shift (ガードシフト) — Eliminates all abnormal states.
  4. Random Break (ランダムブレイク) — Randomly changes every panel and deals 17770 Damage.
  5. Assault Shift (アサルトシフト) — Deals 40710 (230% of ATK), and enemy decreases its own defense for 99 turns.
30th Turn
  1. 「この程度なのですか?」 ("Is this the most you can do?") — Does nothing
31st Turn
  1. Middle Note (ミドル・ノート) — Reduces current HP by 95%.
Boss 1203-icon Magician Merlin 27803 1 8800000 3000000 1202-icon Lv?
Preemptive 「油断はしません」 ("I will not go easy.") — Does nothing.
  1. Deals 44484 damage (160% of ATK)
  2. Deals 44484 damage (160% of ATK)
  3. Random Break (ランダムブレイク) — Randomly changes every panel and deals 27803 Damage, and enemy decreases its own defense for 99 turns.
  4. Breezia Assault (ブリージア:アサルト) — Deals 63946 damage (230% of ATK)
  5. 「少し侮っていました」 ("I have underestimated you a little.") — Eliminates all abnormal states.
  1. 「決めさせてもらいます」 ("Allow me to finish this.") — Eliminates all abnormal states.
  2. Breezia (ブリージア) — Deals 8340 damage (30% of ATK)
  3. Breezia: Second (ブリージア:セカンド) — Deals 16681 damage (60% of ATK)
  4. Breezia: Third (ブリージア:サード) — Deals 34753 damage (125% of ATK)
  5. Breezia: Fourth (ブリージア:フォース) — Deals 69507 damage (250% of ATK) and prohibits the use of Active Skills for three turns.
  6. 「これで終わりです」 ("This is the end.") — Enemy decreases its own defense for 99 turns.
  7. Madness (マッドネス) — Deals 111212 damage (400% of ATK)
  1. 「負けるわけにはいかない」 ("There is no way I can lose") — Eliminates all abnormal states.
  2. 「約束が待ってるんです」 ("Because I have made a promise.") — Increases Damage taken up to 200% for 4 turns.
  3. Random Break (ランダムブレイク) — Randomly changes every panel and deals 27803 Damage. (55606 under the effect of "「約束が待ってるんです」")
  4. 「彼が元気なら、それで良いんだ」 ("If they are well, it's fine.") — Enemy decreases its own defense for 99 turns.
  5. Scapegoat (スケープゴート) — Deals 125113 Damage (450% of ATK) (250226 under the effect of "「約束が待ってるんです」")
  1. Breezia: Saint (ブリージア:セント) — Deals 77848 Damage (280% of ATK) and enemy decreases its own defense for 99 turns.
45th Turn
  1. 「お別れです」 ("This is farewell") — Eliminates all abnormal states.
46th Turn
  1. Last Note (ラスト・ノート) — Deals 125113 Light Damage (450% of ATK)
  • First Completion Reward: 20px-Coin2x1

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