Leader skills are skills activated when a unit is the leader of your party, and your support/friend chosen during a quest. Most leader skills are designed to help out the overall party.

Two leader skills can overlap each other. For example this team 1064-icon1327-icon1229-icon1040-icon1064-icon is composed of two Flame Saint Dante, his leader skill multiplies all Fire and God units HP and ATK by 2.5, so together the whole teams HP and ATK is multiplied by 6.25. Multiplier leader skills affect both Normal Skills and Active Skills.

For information on picking a starting leader see Choosing a Leader in Tutorial Scratch.

Last Updated: July 30th 2016 (Last Unit Released: N°2101, 2101-icon)

Types of Leaders Skills

Name Effect
Race Leader Skills
Increases the HP and/or ATK stat of one or more races among the 7 available: Human (人間),Fairy (妖精),Machine (機械),Beast (獣),Dragon (ドラゴン/竜),Demon (魔物),God (神).
Attribute/Element Leader Skills
Increases the HP and/or ATK stat of units of a certain attribute/element among the 6 available: Fire (火),Water (水),Wind (風),Light (光),Dark (闇),Void (無).
Race+Attribute Limit
Increases the HP and/or ATK of units of a certain race AND attribute.
Damage Reduction
Reduces damage received by some or all enemies.
Automatic Healer
Heals a certain % of HP every turn (Battle Turns and/or Steps Taken).
Extend Turn
Increases the numbers of counts/seconds during turns. The maximum number of additional seconds allowed is 4 (so 9 in total).
Panel Change
Replaces all panels of one or more elements with another element(s).
Follow-Up Attack
Hits the enemy every turn. Affected by the enemy's defense and element.
Multi-Attribute Enhance
Increases the ATK of all units in the team if Normal Skills of three or more elements are used during the same turn.
Special Activation
Some Leader units can give an additional bonus to the team's stats if their Leader Skill's conditions are met.
Stacking Bonuses
These Leader Skills will give two or more bonuses than can stack with each other; an unit in the party can receive one, or all of them if they meet all the Leader Skill's conditions.
EXP Multiplier
Increases the EXP gained from clearing a quest.

List of Leader Skills

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