2114-icon Unit


Shalula Attribute Water Cost 30
No. 2114 Rarity ★5 Race Human Max Lv 50
Basic Stats

Initial HP


Final HP

2057 Exp Type Type 5 Exp Curve 883884
Initial ATK 497 Final ATK 1119 Fodder Exp Lv.*275 Price Lv.*230
Skills Leader Skill Name Aqua Rise: Life Shift II+
Effect 3x HP/2x ATK for Water units.
Active Skill Name Weak Plus: Aqua II Default Cooldown 30 Min Cooldown 25
Effect Water damage the enemy receives is increased by 2x stronger for one turn.
Normal Skill 1 Name Rains Activation WaterWater
Effect Extra Large Water damage to all enemies.
(2.5x ATK)
Normal Skill 2 Name Sliced Activation WaterWaterWater
Effect Super Extra Large Water damage to a single enemy.
(4.5x ATK)
Passive Skill Name
How to Obtain Friend Scratch No Rare Scratch Yes Other
Evolution 2114-iconPlus063-icon063-icon063-iconEvoto2115-icon
Friend Race Friend Level Friend Element Evolution Quest
Any Lv.35+ Water Trial of Water: Legend (水の試練: 神級)
Link Bonus Min Lv.: HP+164 ATK+0

Max Lv.: HP+400 ATK+0

Link Race Bonus HP+200/ATK+4%
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Link Material 1767-icon1756-icon1756-icon
Link Cost as Base Unit Money16562
Unlink Cost as Base Unit Money828
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