Saint Rebel Santa Claus Attribute Void Cost 50
No. 1013 Rarity ★7 Race Fairy Max Lv 99
Basic Stats

Initial HP


Final HP

3100 Exp Type Type 5 Exp Curve 5000000
Initial ATK 1200 Final ATK 2750 Fodder Exp Lv*2000 Price Lv*2000
Skills Leader Skill Name Human Spirit Rise: Assault V
Effect 3.5x ATK to Human and Fairy type units.
Active Skill Name Holy Christmas Default Cooldown 16 Min Cooldown 11
Effect HP becomes 1, all panels become BOOST panels.
Normal Skill 1 Name Infinity Driver Activation VoidLightDark
Effect Immense Void damage to a single enemy.
(6.0x ATK)
Normal Skill 2 Name Activation
Passive Skill Name Divine Rebellion
Effect If one of your enemies is a God type unit, the unit's own attack power is doubled.
How to Obtain Friend Scratch No Rare Scratch No Other Evolved from Saint Santa Claus
Evolution 377-iconEvoto1013-icon
Friend Race Friend Level Friend Element Evolution Quest
Link Bonus Min Lv.: HP+123 ATK+92

Max Lv.: HP+476 ATK+357

Link Race Bonus HP+1000
Link Skill {{{link skill}}}
Link Passive Link Hunt: God II
If one of your enemies is a God,
the unit's attack power is increased by 1.2x
Link Material 1772-icon1771-icon1771-icon
Link Cost as Base Unit Money3709443
Unlink Cost as Base Unit Money259661
“Geez, I woke up thanks to you.” The Saint then took up countless of drivers. “Guess I’m taking a break from work this year as well, what are you going do?” The person he asked this was the man who threw away his uniform. “I’m going another way.” He stared at his Holy Sword quietly. This night, Santa Claus became a Saint Rebel. “Even if I have to die, I’ll definitely bring him back.” Everything was for the still too green spring. And now he will be crossing the winter of farewells.


  • He ranked 44th, 12th, and 40th in the 3rd, 6th, and 7th official Divine Gate popularity polls.
  • Other than working during Christmas as Santa Claus every year, he usually just pass his days sleeping in a kotatsu[1].
  • The reason why Santa Claus's and Eve's eye color is different is because one took after their father and the other took after their mother.
  • He is a little older than Arthur who is around thirty years old. This is also the reason why he could not leave Arthur alone.
  • Although not given his own unit for the April Fools event he takes the role of a constantly tardy student. Him and Arthur are best friends, but they often quarrel with each other. Arthur wishes to change the rules for him.
  1. A kotatsu is a low, wooden table frame covered by a futon, or heavy blanket, upon which a table top sits. Underneath is a heat source, often built into the table itself.


  1. Translation: “Even if I die, I’ll definitely bring him back.”
  2. Translation: “Even if I die, I’ll definitely bring him back.”

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