Ginji Birthday Festival (ギンジ生誕祭会場)

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Occurrences [+/-]
1st Occurrence 2016/02/24 19:00 ~ 2016/03/03 18:59

Ginji's Birthday 2016 (ギンジの誕生日・2016)

Square Unit Attack Turn(s) HP Defense Drop
Boss 1852-icon Ginji: BD2016 10 10 100 0 202-icon Lv?
"So, we are getting older." The boy's thoughts are on his scattered companions. There was a certain bond there, despite the short time they've spent together. Then, the kamui fox appeared in front of the boy. "Right then, shall we start soon?"

-First Completion Reward: Chipx1


Clear Task: Clear Ginji's Birthday 2016 (ギンジの誕生日・2016)
No. of Times 1
Rewards 024-icon Lv.99 x1
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