In certain quest dungeons enemies have a chance of using skills instead of a regular attack. These skills have different effects and can increase difficulty in battle. These effects will be summarized here. For specific details on skills used in a specific quest, please refer to that quest page.

Enemy skills were first introduced in Version 1.0.7 with 595-icon Ancient Shrine Hill's Ark.

Activation Overview

Some enemy skills must first have a requirement fulfilled before activating. These requirements are usually either: the enemies HP is a below a certain mark, or a certain number of turns have passed. For example, in 1009-icon Palace of Underground Agartha Amaymon can only activate his enemy skill Berserk: Gore if his HP is less than or equal to 25%, and he can only activate Berserk: Complete after 41 turns have passed. An enemy can also activate skills in an order, as seen in 343-icon Nightless Nightmare [Remake] were Walpurgis will follow a list of skills when her HP is is less than or equal to 20%.

However, instead of following a predetermined list, an enemy may also activate a skill at random. In 296-icon Utopia Avalon [Remake] Arthur has a 20% chance of activating one out of his four skills when faced with HP≤100%.

Note: The only skill that does not need a HP or turn requirement is a preemptive skill. Preemptive skills will be used in the beginning of a battle, before the player can make any moves. They can be only activated once and have vary in effects.

Types of Skills

Skill Effect Present in
Do nothing The enemy will do nothing for a turn. 296-icon343-icon436-icon534-icon595-icon625-icon752-icon864-icon893-icon963-icon1009-icon748-icon860-icon
Panel Change The enemy will change either all your panels or specific panels to random ones or set ones. 625-icon
Panel Break The enemy will deal damage and change your panels and either replace them with random ones or set ones. 296-icon343-icon436-icon534-icon625-icon752-icon864-icon893-icon963-icon1009-icon653-icon803-icon860-icon868-icon754-icon696-icon640-icon258-icon
Gravity The enemy will reduce your HP by a set percentage. 296-icon534-icon893-icon860-icon258-icon
Attack Up The enemy will increase their attack power by a set amount. 296-icon864-icon1009-icon
Defense Break The enemy will decrease the players defense by a set amount. 864-icon893-icon963-icon258-icon
Attack Break The enemy will reduce your attack by a set amount. This may either target all attack or a specific attribute. 296-icon752-icon864-icon893-icon963-icon860-icon
Poison The enemy will poison you or themselves for a set number of turns. Attack power of poison varies. 296-icon893-icon963-icon1009-icon860-icon
Active Skill Jamming The enemy will prohibit the use of active skills. 296-icon436-icon864-icon893-icon963-icon1009-icon860-icon
Recover The enemy will recover their HP or the players' HP. 296-icon893-icon803-icon
State Heal The enemy will dispell any abnormal states placed. 296-icon1009-icon
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