Egg Casinos are the best place to obtain eggs to level up your units. There is one casino for each attribute each day of the week with a randomly selected casino on the last day. Casinos are only open for an hour each occurrence, the only exceptions are VIP casinos which are available for the whole day.

List of Casinos


Note: As of a recent update in Ver.1.0.9 groups do not affect the time when Casinos are available. This section will be left here in case groups affect any game mechanic in the future.

What group you fall under depends on the second digit of your ID. To check your ID go to Friends → Your ID. There are five groups A, B, C, D, and E.

2nd ID Digit  Group
0, 5 A
1, 6 B
2, 7 C
3, 8 D
4, 9 E

VIP Casinos

Casino ticket

VIP Casino Ticket

As of version 1.0.8 a new Ticket system has been added. You may acquire Casino Tickets from ! and ? tiles in any Story Area quest. With these tickets you can enter the special VIP Casinos according to the day.

All Days are listed in PDT

Dungeon Tickets Day of the Week
Beginner (Q1) Int (Q2) Expert (Q3)
Dark Rush 4 12 24 Sunday ~ Saturday
Flare Rush
Aqua Rush
Wind Rush
Gold Rush
Silver Rush
Colorful Rush 1530 50Saturday


As of an updated to Ver.1.0.9 Blocks are no longer used to determine at what time a casino is supposed to occur, all casinos occur at the same time for every player.  As mentioned before each occurrence lasts one hour.

Time Zone 1st Occurrence 2nd Occurrence 3rd Occurrence 4th Occurrence
JST 7:00 12:00 16:00 21:00
GMT 22:00 3:00 7:00 12:00
WET 23:00 4:00 8:00 13:00
CET 00:00 5:00 9:00 14:00
PDT 15:00  20:00 0:00 5:00
MDT 16:00 21:00 1:00 6:00
CDT 17:00 22:00 2:00 7:00
EDT 18:00 23:00 3:00 8:00
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