List of acronyms, abbreviations, and slang used to refer to certain terms and topics in Divine Gate. If there is an acronym/term that is not listed below, please leave a comment so that someone may answer you and update this page if necessary.


DGDivine Gate
RSRare Scratch
FSFriendship Scratch
LS/FesgenLimited Scratch, the limited rare scratch units available only on certain scratch events. LS may also refer to the abbreviation of Leader Skill (see below). Fesgen is a DG-specific Japanese term for "festival limited".
Sub(s): Short for Subordinate; any unit(s) that is not a leader or friend leader on your team.
#x HP and/or ATK Team: Refers to a team which is granted a HP and/or ATK bonus from both the leader and friend leader. I.e 30px-156-icon Zero the Queen of Void Fairies provides a 2x HP/ATK bonus to all Void units, using 2 as leaders would be considered a 4x HP/ATK team.
Farmable: A term to describe a unit that can be obtained in a quest area.
Evo: Short for evolution.
Reawakening: Special evolution available only for certain ★6 units.
IAP: In-app purchase(s), refers to purchasing 20px-Coin2 Chips in DG cases. A player who is non-IAP does not buy chips as where one who does is an IAP player.
Collabo: Short for Collaboration, refers to any special event that features characters or properties from another franchise or company.
Tutorial Scratch: The free scratch performed during the games tutorial.
Bonus Rates: Special events that are applied to the Rare Scratch, during these events certain units have a higher rate of appearance.
Rescratch/Reroll/Risemara: The act of resetting the game's data in order to obtain a preferred unit from the first tutorial scratch. At times mislabeled as "rerolling", a term coined by the app game Puzzle & Dragons. Risemara is a Japanese term meaning "reset marathon".


ATK: The Attack stat of a unit or team
HP: The Hit Points (or Health) of a unit or team
Attribute: The unit's element (ie. Fire, Water, Wind, Light, Dark, and Void)
Type: A unit's race (ie. Human, Fairy, Beast, Machine, Dragon, Demon, God, and Enhance Material)
Rarity: The number of stars on a unit, can range from 1★ to 7★.
+ unit/+: Units with stat bonuses
LS: Leader Skill, a type of passive skill that only activates if the unit is your leader of friend leader
AS: Active Skill, only usable after a set number of turns, or steps have passed.
PS: Passive Skill, a skill that is always in play.
NS#Normal Skill 1 or 2.
BS: Boost Skill, a skill active when a Normal Skill (usually NS2) is stacked on a Boost panel.


SP: Denotes the number of steps that can be taken during a quest.
Chain Battles: An occurrence where a nearby tile automatically flips after engaging in a battle.
Casinos: Special quest areas where one can obtain Egg units.
Evo(lution) Temples: Quest dungeons that are required to complete in order to evolve a unit.
Weekly Quest/Series Quest: Quest dungeons which premiere for a week with special boss units (ie. Fairy Tale Castles, Far East Gardens etc.)
Descends: Quest dungeons where you battle powerful units, most are considered end-game quests. Also refers to the units themselves.
Technical Quests: A quest area where enemies use skills.
ESEnemy Skill
Guerrilla Boss: A unit that appears under ! and ? tiles in a quest area. Location is determined per unit.


聖なる扉<ディバインゲート> - Holy Gate <Divine Gate>

Cause of the Merged World. There are two gates, the Holy Entrance and Holy Exit. The Holy Entrance was destroyed after the Twilight Judgment.

聖暦 - Holy Age

Time period since the opening of Divine Gate.

統合世界<ユナイティリア> - Merged World <Unitilia>

A world created from the integration of Terrastia, Celestia and Helestia after the opening of Divine Gate.

常界<テラスティア> - Common World <Terrastia>

A world humans live in.

天界<セレスティア> - Sky World <Celestia>

A world where fairies live in.

魔界<ヘリスティア> - Demon World <Helestia>

A world where demons live in.

竜界<ドラグティア> - Dragon World <Dragtia>

A world where dragons live in.

神界<ラグナティア> - God World <Ragnatia>

A world where gods live in.

グりモア教団 - The Grimoire Cult

Their goal is to create "The Perfect World". Current members includes the Six Waves, Devil King and Queens and the Fallen Wind and Water Genius.

完全世界 - Complete World

Goal of the Grimoire Cult

世界評議会 - World Council

Formed to normalize the Merged World.

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