Active skills are special skills that must be manually activated in battle. Each skill posseses a cooldown time, every battle turn or step decreases this cooldown by one ( Note: As of update 1.0.9, stepping on an empty square will NOT decrease the Active Skills' cooldown). When the cooldown reaches zero and the elemental icon glows the skill is available for usage. Once the skill is used, the cooldown will reset to its max value. Tapping a unit when the elemental icon is not glowing allows you see how many turns it will take to activate the skill.

Note: Although they waste SP, movement traps are not considered a turn.

Last Updated: July 23rd 2016 ( Last Unit Released: N°2093,2093-icon )

Skill Ups

Active skills can be "leveled up" to decrease cooldown time. This can be done by fusing a unit with another that posseses the same active Skill. Active skill leveling isn't definite, there's only a 10% chance that the active skill will level up.  There are several things to note about active skill leveling up and cooldowns:

  • The active skill the units possess must match up in names, if the names do not match up a level up will never occur.
  • Each unit fed is calculated independently, therefore it does not matter whether you fuse them all at once or one at a time.
  • Active skill levels carry over when the unit evolves, but only if the evolution possesses the same skill.
  • Different active skills have different maximum and minimum cooldowns.


If the Active Skill does damage that uses the unit's ATK stat ( "n times Atk" (i.e. "25xATK") such as Tale of Bamboo and Holy Grail), the damage formula is:

(Active Skill Multiplier)*(Unit Atk)*(LS1)*(LS2)*(AS Boost)*(Element)*(Passive Bonus)*(Enemy Malus) - Defense = Final Damage

  • Unit Attack is the number listed under the unit's info (including + values).
  • LS1 and LS2 are multipliers that are given from leader skills. If the leader skills are not multipliers, these are excluded from the equation.
  • AS Boost is an active skill multiplier such as Strong: Light, or Vulcan: Boost. Of course if one these isn't active, it's excluded from the equation.
  • Elemental value is determined by weakness or resistance on the enemy side. If the enemy is weak to the attack, damage is doubled. If it is strong against the attack, damage is halved. Neutrality results in no bonus.
  • Some units have passive skills that increase the unit's attack power if certain conditions are met (being full HP, fighting a enemy of a certain race...)
  • There are active skills such as The Hell Flames Burns that increase the damage the enemies receive from a certain element.
  • Some active skills can reduce the enemies's defense. If the Active Skill deals penetrative damage (such as I am a Cat), it will ignore the target's defense no matter how high it is.

Active Skills that do fixed damage like Summer Night's Dream won't be affected by the unit's ATK stat, boost, or Leader Skill Multiplier, but can be affected by the enemy's element:

(Damage)*(Element) = Final Damage

Effect Stacking

An active skill's effect will not stack with another skill's if they give the exact same result. The first one used will always take priority.
Note that this is also the case if you get the active skill's effect from an Enemy Skill.

But if two skills reach similar effects in a different way and with different advantages/disadvantages, they will stack.

  • Example n°1: Prydwen that reduces damage received will work with Complete World that reduces enemies' attack. It will also work with the skill Glittery Summer that passively reduces damage received by 5%.
  • Example n°2: Strong: Fire that increases the attack of all Fire units will work with The Hell Flames Burns that increases the Fire damage the enemy's receive. (Note that it's Fire "damage" and not "from Fire units", a Void attack from a Fire unit will only be affected by Strong: Fire in this case.)

An unit can receive an attack bonus from different Attack Enhances at the same time. There are three categories of Attack Enhances: Element enhance, Race enhance, and All enhance. An unit can be affected by four Attack Enhance skills in the same turn:

  • Example n°1: In a team like this 897-icon973-icon1267-icon803-icon1123-icon, if all Active Skills are used in the same turn:
  • All units will be affected by 1123-icon's Strong: Pyon (increases Light units' attack by 2x) AND 803-icon's Glitter of Aegis (increases all units' attack by 1.25x).
  • 1267-icon will also receive another boost from her own Holy Hands (increases Human units' attack by 1.5x).
  • Same as 1267-icon, 973-icon will get an additional enhance from her Fairy Dance (increases Fairy units' attack by 1.2x).
  • 897-icon will benefit from ALL the enhances above thanks to her double Race Human/Fairy.
  • So the total enhance bonus received by each unit is:
    • 1123-icon: ATK x 2 x 1.25
    • 803-icon: ATK x 2 x 1.25
    • 1267-icon: ATK x 2 x 1.25 x 1.5
    • 973-icon: ATK x 2 x 1.25 x 1.2
    • 897-icon: ATK x 2 x 1.25 x 1.5 x 1.2

Types of Active Skills

A description of the types of Active Skills currently in-game and listed at the end of this page.

Name Effect
Attacking Skills
Simply damages the enemy. If not specified otherwise, affected by enemy's element (unless the attack's element is Void) and/or defense unless it's:
  • Fixed Damage : Will deal a certain amount of damage not affected by the unit's attack stat or the enemy's defense (still affected by enemy's element).
  • Piercing/Penetrating : Will deal damage that ignores the enemy's defense.
Healing Skills
Heals the party's health for a certain % (calculated from the team's Max HP) or for a fixed amount of HP.
SP Healing Skills
Recovers SP used to move or to trigger other active skills.
Status Healing Skills
Dispels any abnormal status(es), whenever they're bad (for example decreased attack) or good (like attack enhances).
Drain Skills
Damages the enemy and recover damage dealt as HP. Rules for normal Attacking Skills also apply here.
Just like Attacking Skills, it will damage the enemy, but will always leave the team's health at 1 HP (as this is common to all Cannons skills it won't be mentioned in "Side Effect(s)"). Can't be used if the team's HP is already at 1.
Damages the enemy by a certain % from its current HP.
(Note: when it's a malus/takes the team's HP instead, the % will be based on the team's TOTAL HP, not current. Example: If you're at 40% of your total health and you use a skill that takes 10% of your HP, you will be left with 30% of your total health, not 90% of your previous HP.)
Damages the enemy a little every turn for the duration of the effect. Not affected by enemy's defense and by any team's attack boost (like Leaders Skills).
Delays the enemy's next turn. If you want to use a Delay again on the same enemy, you will have to wait before the previous effect disappear (so when the enemy finally attacks after having his turn delayed).
Extend Turn
Increases the numbers of counts/seconds during one or more turns. The maximum number of additional seconds allowed is 4 (so 9 in total allowed for a single turn).
Random Knockout
Can kill the enemy in one strike with a low probability. If the enemy has several phases it will only defeat one. If it fails it will deal 1 damage.
Defense Break
Decreases the enemy's defense. It will have no effect if the enemy's defense stat was already at 0 to begin with.
Defense Up
Decreases damage received by the enemy.
Attack Break
Decreases the enemy's attack.
Attack Enhance
Increases the units' attack.
Panel Change
Turns some or all panels into other ones.
Panel Refresh
Randomly changes some or all panels.
Board Manipulation
Any Active Skill that changes the way the player moves on the board.
Cooldown Decrease
Decreases the Active Skill's cooldown of all the units in the team, except for the unit who used this skill.
BOOST Increase
Turns all squares into BOOST ones.
Elemental Damage Up
Increases the damage the enemy receives from one or more elements.
Panel Set Sets panels on one or more squares/panel slots before the beginning of the next player's turn/countdown. Some of these Active Skills will stack and will set panels on a slot even if there are already panels on it, while others will clear it before setting panels.

Active Skills' List

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