In Quest or Scratches, there is a chance of getting a unit with a plus sign. These units are known as "+1 Units". Each +1 Unit will possess a random +1 on either HP or ATK, giving an extra bonus to that stat.

+1 Units can be fused into other Units, for a maximum of +99 for each stat, +198 in total.

+1 Unit Overview

  • When a Unit evolves, it will keep all of its + values.
  • There is no way to "extract" a plus value from a unit, if you want another unit to have that + value you must fuse the + Unit away.
  • Fusing a unit who already has the maximum amount of + values with more + units has no effect.
  • Using a unit with + values as evolution material does transfer their + values onto the evolved unit, just like normal fusion.
  • Fusing + units has no effect on cost as of Version 1.0.5.
  • + Units sell value is significantly higher than regular units, every + value on the unit gives an additional 10,000 coins.

+1 Unit Value

As mentioned before, a unit can only hold 198 + values, for a maximum of +99 on HP and +99 on Attack.

+1 Stat Value of +1 Value of +99
HP  +1 Unit's HP + 10 Unit's HP +990
Attack +1 Unit's Attack +5 Unit's Attack +495

This means that a Unit can only go over its maximum base stat by 990 on HP, and 495 on Attack. As an example, here are three units with their original final base stats and +99 final stats.

Unit Original Max. HP Original Max. ATK +99 HP +99 Attack

Holy Knight Tristan

3832 1403 4822 1898

Holy King Arthur

2829 2888 3819 3383

Replica: Burst

2243 3285 3233 3780

+1 Unit Hunting

+1 Units don't drop frequently, and there's nothing one can do about this. There are some areas however that have a higher drop rate of +1 Units than others.

Quest Area Notes
Laboratory Areas These two areas have a higher chance of dropping + Units than previous story areas by 1%.
Amusement Parks
Classroom Areas
Colorful Rush Casino (VIP) Currently the area with the highest percentage of +1 Unit drop rate. This area is an event area, therefore it only occurs on special occasions. The VIP variant occurs every JST Sunday.
Mr. Divine ☆ Dungeon With the 2x Bonus Drop Rate the + Units can drop frequently. Like the Colorful Rush Casino it is an event area.
Plus Rush Casino An Egg Casino made to farm + Eggs. Results may vary, but the average number of eggs per run is 3.
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